10 Things You Didn’t Know About Britney Spears…

Contributed anonymously:

recently gave PopStar! magazine 10 interesting facts about herself…

1) She’s Never deliberately punked the press! “But it sounds like a good idea” she says.

2) Britney:The Musical! “I’d love to do a musical.I came from the theater and I love to act theatrically”

3) It’s All About Giving Back! “I’ve been given so much in this world in this lifetime.I don’t know what I did in the last lifetime,but I’ve been given so much you have to give back.It’s like,’What can I do to make myself feel worthy of being in this position?'”

4) She’s Not Bored Of The Camera…Yet! “I love photoshoots! Photo shoots are the funnest part.Looking pretty and posing for the camera – it’s great.Love it!”

5) Paparazzi Are People Too! “Honestly, I think it takes more energy to get mad. Just let them do their thing and do what they do.They get paid to do that. The more you try to make a fuss,the more draining it is.”

6) In The Zone is NOT a tell-all!!! “The album is only personal from an artistic point of view. None of this stuff is my personal life. I’ve been there and done that. It’s like you’re putting yourself out there in so much of a vulnerable way that sometimes it gets too self-serving.”

7) Even As A Star,She CAN sometimes Be Anonymous! “I have a good time with the people around me. They don’t look at me in that way – they look at me as,’Whatever.’ “

8) She’s Good At Secrets!! “I’m not a gossip person.It’s hard not to get caught up in a really gossipy conversation,but I really don’t put a lot of input,like, ‘Oh,my God!’ Why did she do that?’ But sometimes it is interesting for me to hear.”

9) Mean Comments Hurt! “I get upset at things. Honestly, the only people I worry about is my family and what they think. As long as they know me, that’s what matters.”

10) Britney Gossip Isn’t ALL Bad! “I look at it as it’s kind of flattering.”

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