11 Flights In 14 Days For The Ting Tings

Katie of checked in with fans on the duo’s blog at MySpace on Sunday (March 30). She writes:

Ok, well we have done 11 flights in 14 days. I CAN NOT believe we are actually getting on them and only partially freaking out. I even slept on one yesterday. AMAZING!!!

Feeling a bit tired still from where we played 3 gigs a day for 3 days at sxsw. One gig a night kills us – with there only being 2 of us we really have to find loads of energy and emotion to make it work. It’s a bit draining but I would be lying if I say we are not having the time of our lives.. you know, stuff you remember when you are old. Don’t want to sound smug though. We are working the hardest I have ever worked in my entire life.

We played about 7 US cities and its crazy to know people already know about us without a record released. It’s myspace and blogs that are doing it I think. Amazing how music travels. Put your song on myspace, people like it and tell there friends and we travel all the way around the world following our songs and playing them live.

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