23 Connects Jason Mraz And New Fiance Tristan Prettyman

Jason Mraz at a radio station in Paris, FranceJason Mraz checked in with fans on his Freshness Factor Thousand blog on Tuesday (December 28), talking about proposing to on December 23rd and how the two singer songwriter’s are connected by the number 23. Jason writes:

Tristan Prettyman’s birthday is May 23rd. We first met at pal Anya Marina’s birthday party – 23rd. We hit it off instantly by syncing our interest in this magical prime number. Whenever she or I come upon it, whether being sat at table 23, or assigned seat 23 on a plane, we almost-always and/or involuntarily think about the other. We currently live 23 miles apart. She too has the number 23 inscribed on her body, and on November 23rd, I bought her a diamond ring.

… I designed the ring to hold 46 stones – 23 for her. 23 for me. The section surrounding the main diamond is laid out with 11 on one side and 11 on the other. This way, it’s always 11:11. The stone on top, that which symbolizes our coming together as one, makes 23. The Carat Weight? What else: 2.3.

We both see this being a long engagement, but would love to get married within the next 2.3 years. She will likely retain her beautiful name, but should she decide to hyphenate, Tristan Ann Prettyman-Mraz makes 23 letters.

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