‘3’ Is Lindsay Lohan, Pals Post Encouraging Notes

The “3” MySpace page claiming to be Lindsay Lohan, no longer set to private appears likely to be the 20-year-old given that Jason Preston (who’s validated via Mark Jacobs’ friends list) and Charlotte Ronson (linked via twin-sister Samantha’s myspace via Charlotte’s store) have posted messages there on Sunday (May 27). Preston wrote, “I love u like a sister…I wont let anyone fu** with you baby. Big kiss!!xoxojay” Charlotte added, “No I got your voicemail last night. I’m just glad you’re safe & you/nobody else was injured.” And 3’s snobby message to the commoners: “Reality check, I dont do myspace. for obvious reasons. All other accounts are fakes & should be reported. Please don’t message me because I don’t read mail.” myspace.com/187956892 has since proven to be a fake.

Lindsay Lohan MySpace?

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