3LW’s Adrienne Sorry For Wearing J Ho Shirt

3LW’s manager Miss Nine Lives has responded to Adrienne wearing the J Ho shirt on Soul Train over the weekend. Tse Williams writes, “FYI, Adrienne is wearing a tee shirt that says ‘HUCCI’ in the new 3LW publicity photos with Kiely. Does that mean she thinks she’s a hucci? No. She wore it because frankly, everyone’s entitled to their opinion of who another person really is, but words don’t make it true. Adrienne said and I quote, ‘If my actions offended Jennifer Lopez, whom I idolize, then I sincerely apologize to her and to her fans. I consider myself to be a huge fan of her’s and I meant no harm. I guess wearing the shirt was not the best way for me express my views on ‘labeling.’ I’m sorry.’ Now this is from me, Adrienne just turned 19 years old. She’s not perfect.”

Tse referred to the labeling in another post saying, “This is the deal with the infamous J-Ho shirt. As you know, Adrienne is Puerto Rican (mixed with Ecuadorian). She LOVES Jennifer Lopez. She wore the shirt as support for J-Lo because folks have been getting on her for getting married again and having a new boyfriend. Adrienne feels that J-Lo has been doin’ her thing. J-Lo always keeps it movin…even when she runs into problems. She keeps her head up and moves forward. So Adrienne feels that if ignorant people want to call her ‘J-HO’ or say she’s a hoe, then so what! Sticks and stones can break your bones, but names, like ‘ho’ will never hurt you.”

Bookies Giving 4-1 Odds On J.Lo & Ben Quick Split

November 18, 2002 – Jeanette Walls of MSNBC talked with UK oddsmakers who are already taking bets on and Ben Affleck’s impending marriage. “Given J. Lo’s marriage record, we are offering 4-1 on her and Affleck splitting up within a year of marriage,” according to a spokesman for British bookmaker William Hill. “And 20-1 on them still being together in 10 years.”

Misses Being Called ‘Jennifer’

November 17, 2002 – Us Weekly quotes Jennifer talking about her nickname saying, “I like the fact that fans actually nicknamed me [J.Lo]. But a nickname is not supposed to be your only name… I miss Jennifer a little bit.”

Cedric The Entertainer Would Like To Be

November 17, 2002 – Us Weekly asked several celebrities if they could be a member of the opposite sex, who would they be. One of those celebs was Cedric the Entertainer. “J.Lo,” he said. “I could get a lot of gifts: I could have an album and a film career. I would be really hot, and I could change boyfriends every few months.”

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