46th Grammy Awards Nominations

Contributed by grace_04:

R&B and hip-hop acts lead the nominations for the 46th Grammy Awards. Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles, Jay-Z, and Outkast, and Pharrell Williams all have 6 nominations a piece. Closely followed by Missy Elliott, Eminem, *NSYNC star , 50 Cent, and Evanescence with 5 nominations. Also, Christina Aguilera is nominated for 4 Grammy awards including Song Of The Year for ‘Beautiful’, while Avril Lavigne is nominated in 3 categories.

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10 thoughts on “46th Grammy Awards Nominations

  1. elgato says:

    the nominations are a little better than last year but still not impressive. 1. I love Kelis, but ‘milkshake’ got nominated? 2. that ‘staceys mom’ group is NOT new 3. 50 cent is overrated 4. pharrell can’t sing so his vocals shouldn’t be nominated 5. Kelly Clarkson got a nod? *rolls eyes* 6. Ludacris’ ‘stand up’ and ‘2 fast 2 furious’ are no diff. from his other songs. they all suck. 7. em’s ‘lose yourself’ is not THAT good 8. I feel bad that everything for Outkast was for Andre and Big Boi got nothin’ 9. ‘where is the love’ is a horrible song. every other BEP song is better than that one. 10. ‘magic stick’ is a horrible song. 11. ‘cant hold us down’ is a horrible song. 12. Pink and Avril are NOT rock. 13. how did Nas not get nominated? 14. how come Cam’ron didn’t get nominated? 15. Beyonce is overrated. 16. Sean Paul should have gotten more nods 17. Kylie Minogue? *rolls eyes* 18. Stacey Orrico’s album is NOT Gospel 19. pink’s ‘trouble’ is a HORRIBLE song and should not be nominated 20. the beats on justified are good but the vocals are not so the album shouldn’t be nominated. 21. Jurassic 5 should have got a few nods 22. the R&B nominees are a joke. there were hella better songs than what they picked. 23. R. Kelly’s ‘step in the name of love’ is horrible 24. Da Brat and Queen Latifah got a nod? oh lord 25. Joe Budden should have got more nods 26. ‘shake ya tailfeather’ is HORRIBLE 27. the roots should have gotten more nods

    and THEY BETTER LET THE BLACK PEOPLE ACTUALLY ACCEPT THEIR AWARDS DURING THE SHOW INSTEAD OF DURING THE PRESHOW. hip hop and R&B dominated this year so it needs to show on TV the grammys let eminem accept all his awards during the televised show so the same needs to go for Jay Z, Missy, 50, and Outkast. otherwise, it means that in 2003, the Grammy people are STILL racist.

  2. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    I thought the three time Grammy Award winning artist named Christina Aguilera got five nominations? Oh well, it’s nice to see that she’s nominated at the Grammys every year. Tells us that people really respects her music.

  3. grace_04 says:

    I agree with Elgato. They put some of the nominees in the wrong categories. GO Christina!!!! Whoo hoo….. better win a Grammy girl!!! P.S. – I can’t believe “Stripped” isn’t nominated for Best Album Of The Year! That was such a snub.

  4. rachel says:

    elgato quit hating, you are not a music interpreter. That is not your job so you have no room to judge any of these nominees just because you don’t like them. Ah many people agree with this. Also props to you that you gave Justina a bit of a compliment. usually you just hate!!!!!!!!! Quit hating.

  5. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Just ignore the Backstreet Guy (no offense to other BSB fans out there) He couldn’t accept that the Backstreet Boys can’t get a single Grammy up to now knowing the fact that they’ve been here for almost a decade, while Christina got three in just three years.

  6. elperrosync says:

    Elgato the only reason you hate where is the love is because Justin Timberlake is on it. The song is about the horrors of 9/11 but the album got release late because BEP were unhappy with it and songs like where is the love were incomplete. You got mad at the SARS benefit concert because they put more attention on the SARS episode that was happening and you compared it to 9/11 than you diss the song that is about 9/11 for a stupid reason

    I agree with most of the nominations. everybody from Justin Timberlake to Beyonce deserve the nominations that they got. You know music is at a good press when Nick Carter doesn’t get a Grammy nomination

  7. Danisha says:

    Everyone knows Best Pop Vocal Female is going to Xtina. She’s a lock to win. She’s definitely the heavy fave at this point. Yet more Grammy gold for the best young vocalist in the game. Go ‘head, girl!

  8. elperrosync says:

    I can’t wait to see who they are going to get to perform at the Grammy. I know for sure they are going to ask Justin Timberlake Christina Aguilera 50 cent Beyonce Evanescence and Missy Elliot. I’m pretty sure most of these people will get the chance to perform

  9. Tina31182 says:

    For People who brag about the Grammys their idol has won, but don’t know the facts. The cut off for Grammy nominations are mid-September so anything released later isn’t eligible. Me against the Music was released to late for the cut off. So you will have to wait until next year for the nominations to see what happens if you want to act like that.

  10. Danisha says:

    I’m glad Kelly Clarkson got nominated. If she works more on her voice she can be a real force in the industry. We need more of those soulful female pop vocalists who grew up on Aretha, Whitney, & Mariah and less talentless boyband cast always who grew up on too much Michael Jackson and Prince.

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