$47,200 To Dine With Ricky Martin

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The The Godiva Truffle Celebrity Dinner Auction has ended and the highest bid was for a dinner with for $47,200 benefiting ‘The Ricky Martin Foundation’ which supports a broad range of child-focused institutions such as People For Children, a charity focused on eliminating the trafficking and exploitation of children. Ben Affleck raised $28,300 for The AT Children’s Project, and Sarah Jessica Parker raised $35,100 benefiting Unicef and The New York Restoration Project. Check out more details at ebay.com.

Ricky Martin’s New Beverly Hills Home

Mavrix Photo reports has a new palatial home in Beverly Hills, California. His new home comes complete with a swimming pool and tennis court and is perched on top of a hill overlooking Beverly Hills.

Slips In And Out Of Kolkata

Indo-Asian News Service reports that Ricky Martin visited Kolkata on a charity tour during which he met and spent time with three young girls he sponsors. Martin arrived from London on Wednesday for a four-day trip with none but officials of the Sabera Foundation, the charitable home he supports, knowing about the trip.

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2 thoughts on “$47,200 To Dine With Ricky Martin

  1. LocaEnamorada says:

    How sweet of Ricky to sponsor those girls and not only support them financially but also to actually spend some quality time with them. Quietly and privately, with out any media attention.

  2. BLUEGEMINI7 says:

    That is wonderful! He earned more than all of those Hollywood celebrities. lol, so funny! Ricky Martin is a great human being.

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