5-Year-Old Gives ‘Hannah Montana’ Concert Tickets Away

‘Showbiz Tonight’ co-host Brooke Anderson talked to 5-year-old Jada Carlson, who donated her tickets to see ‘Hannah Montana’ star in concert to a sick classmate named Gabby, 8, and her mother Faith on Wednesday (January 9). “You know, the first time that this idea came up is when we attended one of the fund-raisers at the restaurant showing Gabby`s picture,” Faith said. “And Jada saw her picture and from that day on she had her in her thoughts and her heart throughout the whole Christmas break.”

Asked why she gave away the precious tickets, Jada said, “Because in my heart I feel – the true meaning was that to give it to her.” In exchange for the tickets, Faith said Gabby asked her to do a bit of ‘Pay If Forward’ someday. “Yes. At the end of the letter, I wrote – I said that I would hope in 10, 20, 30 years, some time in her lifetime that she would remember little Jada and her good deed and pass it on, give the gift to somebody else as far as giving and caring and sharing,” Faith explained. “And that was a lesson I wanted Gabby to remember.”

As for Jada’s lesson learned… “I learned compassion and all stuff,” the child responded. Watch the interview below the fold.

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