78violet’s Aly & AJ Talk About SayNow

Alyson and Amanda Michalka of 78violet (aka Aly & AJ) talk about their new SayNow number

Aly and AJ Michalka of 78violet are now on SayNow at (818) 287-8967, where fans can leave the sibling pop rock duo a message, hear updates and listen to other fan messages. Aly & AJ may also occasionally take some live calls with people calling in. Watch a YouTube message talking about the SayNow below.

“We’re really excited as you can see. This is a huge day for us,” Aly said. “It’s a pretty big deal. Now we can actually talk to you guys and hear your voices. We had our very first fan convo with Sabrina, which we added her on Twitter. Pretty frickin cool. You guys are amazing. Thanks so much for checking in with us all the time and for all the love and support.”

The message they left on SayNow has since been removed.

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