98 Degrees Break Up?

There’s a rumor going about that 98 Degrees have broken up following the moderator of the Jessica Simpson official site message board, AJessFriend, who is in contact with Jessica and her family, responded to the rumor saying “it’s true.” The moderator has been highly criticized by some members of the 98 Degrees board.

In an added statement this morning, AJessFriend wrote:

The only thing I posted on the JSMB was a two word answer to someone who inquired about the rumor. My answer said simply, “It’s true”. Had I known the firestorm that would break out, I’d have kept my mouth shut; however, I think most of you know me well enough to know that I wouldn’t have even said that much unless I was pretty certain that it’s true.

The moderator of the 98 Degrees message board is unaware of the specific rumor but downplayed people talking about and spreading rumors without first hearing from the band.

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