98 Degrees Nightmare Turns Jeff Timmons Off Major Labels

98 Degrees star is featured in an interview on Melt magazine where he talked about his solo album ‘Whisper That Way’. Asked what happened with the boy band’s experience on a major label that made him want to do every aspect of his solo CD on his own, Timmons explained, “When we got signed, we were the only white ‘singing’ group to ever be signed (with that Record Label). We were all from the Midwest, and when we went to New York, the current President (of the Record Label) said, ‘You’ll never have to move to New York.’ The next week, he said, ‘You have to move to New York or your record will never come out.’ So we get a U-haul, drive across the country and move to New York. They picked an apartment on the Upper Westside for us ($3000, a month) and we had to pay for it. Then, they didn’t like the fact that we were too ‘white.’ So, he (the President of the Record Label) moved us to a bad part of Brooklyn. We lived in a bad, bad, part of Brooklyn. The four of us had bought a big-screen TV together, and we had guys camped outside our U-haul, casing the place. The convenience store across the street, got held up at gunpoint. All this… for a record deal.” The full story at meltmagazine.com has since been removed.

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