98 Degrees Webmaster Sounds Off On Critics

98 Degrees webmaster Devon sounded off on fans and critics of the group after his recent post refuting a news item submitted here by Mustangman9500 which questioned whether Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were truly a couple, as well as other fans who griped about the handling of the group’s publicity. Devon said, “No one asked me to post the message. I no longer work for 98 Degrees, and have never been employed by their management or their label. In fact, my limited relationship with Universal has ranged from strained to terrible. I haven’t made a penny from doing this site since October 2001. I keep it up and running because I care about these guys and their fans.”

Devon explained further, “I spoke up about Nick because I was sticking up for my friend. This was completely different from responding without authorization to speculation about 98 Degrees’ career. It was a personal attack and I felt comfortable addressing it this one time. I don’t really care if you think it was appropriate or not.”

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