A Christmas Night Soiree With Mariah Carey In Aspen

Aspen Peak Magazine and Zino Platinum Cigars Present a Christmas Night Soiree With Host on Sunday (December 26) at Sky Hotel in Aspen, Colorado. Check out pictures from WireImage.

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5 thoughts on “A Christmas Night Soiree With Mariah Carey In Aspen

  1. mikemc says:

    She looks good, I’m glad she’s having a good time with friends and family for the holiday, cause she’s gonna be working her butt off over the next year promoting her new album. Way to go MC!

  2. Lava33 says:

    Mariah usually looks like S*it, but she looks alright compared to the way she normally looks. MARIAH! Please go back to the curly brown hair!!!! And while you’re at it, lose the implants and drop a good 20 pounds.

  3. Nukleo says:

    People should not get within 10′ of Mariah, those implants look like they are going to burst any second. Mariah would make a pornstar’s breasts seem real.

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    I agree on the implants, they’re a little “Pam-ish”.

  5. mandysdandy says:

    Mariah is the only celeb dressed like a teenager. It’s really sad. We know she spent thousands on her implants but c’mon already show some taste. I would have opted for surgery to suck the fat out of those cheeks instead.

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