A Fine Frenzy Featured On FOTC’s ‘Girlfriends From The Past’

’s Alison Sudol updated fans on her blog at MySpace on Sunday (February 15), discussing ‘Girlfriends From The Past’, a song she and several other female artists teamed up with Jemaine Clement on for HBO’s ‘Flight of the Conchords’. The video can be viewed at YouTube. Sudol tells readers:

Hiiiiiiiiii!!!! I’m so silly, I entirely forgot to blog about something very very important… you know when you’re so focused on not forgetting something that it slips your mind completely? how does that work??

Well, I’m a huge fan of the wonderful show on HBO, FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS (caps for emphasis! it’s that good!) and I had the ENORMOUS pleasure of getting to sing a song with some super rad girls (Sia and Inara George, to name a few) which aired on this evening’s episode, directed by one of my favorite directors, Michel Gondry. That’s a run-on sentence, I know, but I’m sleeeeeeepppy so you must forgive me. The song is called… hmm… I don’t know… it’s a bunch of Jermaine’s ex-girlfriends singing in a choir. It was hard not to laugh when we were recording… It’s on sale on iTunes tomorrow, so if you want to give it a good old-fashioned listen, that’s where it will be!
Happy listening and lots of love,
ali x

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