A Fine Frenzy Makes The Case For Electing Barack Obama

A Fine Frenzy

Alison Sudol of shared her thoughts on the November 4th election with fans on her blog at MySpace on Sunday (October 26), coming to the defense of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. Sudol tells readers:

Well, I’ve noticed that there is a pretty bad situation right now with fear and rumor-mongering concerning Senator Barack Obama, and so I did some research to find out some facts to counter the falsities. Here’s some things I feel need to be addressed, because they’re simply not true. Rumors that are spread to smear a good person’s character are not cool in my book…

I realize that this blog might anger some of you, and if it does, I’m terribly sorry. It is a risk for me to post this, as I hate making people upset and I might just do that with this. However, I believe that if I don’t say anything, I won’t be able to forgive myself. I can’t bear to hear false things said about someone who I believe in so very much. I don’t think I’m alone in that.

The entire post, including her remarks about associations, race, taxes, elitism, and experience, has since been removed.

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