A Fine Frenzy Returns Home From Ireland

A Fine Frenzy

A Fine Frenzy’s Alison Sudol checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@afinefrenzy) on Thursday ( 4). The singer songwriter tells readers:

Hello friends! I’m back home and my mind has stopped twirling and whirling from jet lag. However, yesterday I wrote some real doozies in emails (dangerous to put things in writing when one’s mind is not entirely present), so if I write something that makes absolutely no sense or directly contradicts something that I just said (or if I write the same thing twice in a row; that one, I’m a particular fan of) please disregard it… let’s float along in that grammatically suspended ocean known as Ali’s thoughts in the morning.

I’m sad (but relieved) to say that I’ve returned to drinking coffee, eating meat and doing yoga. those three things haven’t been happening the past couple of months, and life just wasn’t the same. At this very moment, I have a cup of coffee the size of my head sitting pretty beside my right hand. When I take a sip, my face is obliterated by cuppage and I have to force myself not to smile (because smiling would disrupt the drinking and lead to coffee running down the chin, very unpleasant!).

Oh, can you tell I’m happy to be home? My trip has given me this wonderful joie de vivre. I wake up in the morning and think, “hello world! good morning!!”
Isn’t that nice? I think so.

The trip the trip! What a holiday! It would be impossible to write everything that I saw, heard, smelled, thought and experience, but I’ll give a few highlights and add pictures for effect.
let’s see….

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