A+ For Christina Aguilera

First of all, I’d like to say that I write this not as fan of any of these pop stars just as an observer. I think that if there was a school for pop acts and all the pop stars were students, would be at the top of the class and would probably be the valedictorian. She has everything it takes to be a great pop star. She’s talented, beautiful, and very inspiring. She would defiantly get all straight A’s.

Jessica Simpson and Kelly Clarkson would get B’s and C’s for being OK vocally yet their grade point average would go down for being not so attractive and failing to bring anything new or creative to pop music. Kelly will also receive an F in physical education for being so sloppy and big boned.

The D grades would probably go to Madonna and Mariah. Mariah would defiantly get an F in P.E. (lets face it, she is a porker!) and Madonna would receive an F for getting left back so much (she’s almost a senior citizen). Madonna would get a D for vocal ability and Mariah would get an F for all of her high pitched screaming. These two would be in the running for class clown.

And at the pop star school the one student that would receive an F is Britney Spears. She is the worst pop act out there. She gets an F for talent, an F for creativity, and a failing grade in hygiene too. The only class she would pass in is lunch! She is definitely least likely to succeed in the world of pop.

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