A Golf Lesson From Serena Ryder

Serena Ryder on a golf course took a little break from touring in Greenville, South Carolina to give viewers a golf lesson at a local golf course’s driving range. She then talked about their show the prior night.

“We’re in Greenville, South Carolina. We’re playing some golf. Actually no we’re not, we’re just at the driving range,” Serena said. “And I’m gonna give you a golf lesson today.” Serena confessed she’s never golfed and had no idea what she was talking about.

The video at her MySpace has since been removed.

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One thought on “A Golf Lesson From Serena Ryder

  1. Kevin says:

    She isn’t too terribly far off. Needs to bend her knees is all. She is wrong about the club hitting the ground before the ball, woods or irons. That is a fat shot.

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