A Hit Vs A Classic

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I am worried about the quality, (or lack of quality) of today’s singers, not only by the negative influences they bestow upon innocent, idolizing children, but also the growing significance of how manufactured they are. Today’s singers utilize the easy ways of becoming successful, whether it be but using their famous name (Kelly Osbourne, Ashlee Simpson) looking visually pleasing (Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears) or accidentally igniting a fleeting fashion trend (Avril Lavigne) Unlike singers of the past, many of today’s singers, forget the importance of possessing raw talent and a growing determination to make it big in the music industry, through nothing but hard work, dedication and endurance. Consequently, as these ethics are becoming less and less prevalent, the amount of songs being made that are considered as classics (not just a hit) are declining rapidly.

Confused about where this is going? Let me explain.

A hit song is a temporarily loveable song, with a catchy beat, a funky video clip, and is number one, or in the top 10 around the world. Every and any artist can compose a hit song. Whether it is be widely known pop Queen and princess Madonna and Britney, or one hit wonders like Eiffel 65. So, possessing a hit song or two isn’t much of an honor. The real test to see how talented an artist is, how many classic songs they have. Or, considering today’s lack of talent, if an artist has at least one song that is considered a classic.

A classic song on the other hand, isn’t a song that is the most downloaded,-it’s much more than that. A classic creates an indelible impact in the pop music world with powerful lyrics and voices and a memorable message conveyed. These songs enable the singer to be knighted as an immortal in the music industry, and inspire a new generation of artists. Obviously, these types of songs are rare, as well as treasured.

While classic songs enable the singer to be unforgettable, even when they are no longer “in” hit songs only guarantee the singer 15 minutes of fame, and when it dissolves, and the song looses its interest, then it has to be quickly replaced with another hit, so the singer won’t be forgotten. How frequently does this occur today?

Very Frequently.

With all due respect to Madonna and Britney, they may have an immense amount of hit songs, but really, how many of their songs do you consider to be a classic?

Not Many.

Heaps and heaps of hit songs provide the singer with popularity but they don’t provide priceless favors that a few, or even just one classic song would. Artists like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston are perfect examples. Both have troubled private lives, and are cruelly ridiculed and condemned by the media and the general public, but because they have sung classic songs (MJ- ie:”Billie Jean” Whitney-“ie: I’ll always love you”) They are still respected and admired, and manage to keep their dignity as artists. Both remain as strong as ever on lists such as the top 100 pop songs, or the greatest love songs. MJ himself is considered an immortal in Rolling Stone Magazine, despite the allegations against him. If it weren’t for their classic songs, both may have become washed up has beens. But they are not. In fact, they are far from it. They are legends.

Now let’s look at today’s artists: Does Britney Spears have a classic song with “Oops I did it again…” ? Where she sings a cheesy justification that having crushes on many different boys is cool, while wearing a tight suit inspired by a Madonna video clip? I don’t think so. And in many years to come, I still don’t think these type of songs will be a classic.- Sorry Brit fans.

On a lighter note, a recent song, that I believe, without a shadow of a doubt is a true classic, is Alicia Key’s “Fallin” -You go, girl! Hopefully, there are more artists out there like her, or inspired by her.

Hence, at the end of the day, it is the classic song that prevails over the hit song.

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