A Lesson Many People Need To Learn

Contributed anonymously:

I was just thinking about after I read some articles on this site and I realized that people are very quick to judge. Her engagement is a disaster….its not going to last. Why? Why do you make assumptions like these? She is looking for happiness and if she finds it in Kevin…fine. She can have him. People think she is rushing into things but that is how it happens with a lot of people. It doesn’t happen like in the movies…..it doesn’t have to be perfect to be love. People still want to see Britney and Justin back together…I get the picture….but let her have something she wants. Heck….who knows…maybe we will see a new side of Britney, a more calmed down, tamed sex vixen side of her.

Just give it a chance. Don’t be so quick to judge someone else’s life, it’s not right and it doesn’t make your life any better by doing it. Just let her live her life. You’re not her parents or her ‘god’…or whatever she believes in, and you are definitely not her. How can you tell someone what they are experiencing isn’t love….you’re not her….stop telling her what she is feeling. Even the Britney haters can relate to this because they don’t like seeing people judge the people they like. Right? All I am saying is let everyone live their own lives how they want. Love them or hate them, they are our stars and we need to treat them with more respect. It’s not like they owe us anything.

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