A Little Objectiveness

I am new to this site and aghast at the way everyone treats other peoples favorite stars (and each other), I thought I would do something different and say something positive about the most contentious performers:

Madonna the Queen: She knows how to play the fame game and does it very well indeed. Her ability to keep the world interested has earned her a place in pop culture history.

the Goddess: With her amazing voice and striking looks she embodies the word Diva in the best sense. Inspires many young singers who emulate her style.

the Star: An incredible performer she is one of the most watchable people in showbiz and never fails to fascinate.

the Artist: Using herself as a canvas she expresses her strong personality without worrying about what others may think.

See it is not too hard when you try. A little kindness and objectivity goes a long way. This world is filled with enough black-hearted people.

Peace, out!

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