A Night Of Laughs, Cigarettes & Middle Fingers For Avril Lavigne

After a wild night of partying with friends, a wasted was seen smoking a cigarette, dancing, yelling, and flipping off the paparazzi on her way out of the exclusive Spider Club in Hollywood on December 11th.

Note: The image provided by Bauer Griffin has since been removed.

Deryck Whibley Dons A Wedding Ring

November 29, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: and boyfriend of 10 months Deryck Whibley were spotted out at the infamous Spider Club in LA. They were holding hands and wrapping their arms around each other as they walked into the club – a noticeable deviation from their tendency of keeping their romantic life private. Even more surprising is the fact that the Sum 41 frontman was wearing a wedding ring!

Is Happy Her Press Is Mostly About The Music

November 23, 2004 – Avril Lavigne tells Gemma Tarlach of Knight Ridder Newspapers she feels fortunate that most of the news written about her has been about the music, not the gossip some of her peers have had to deal with. “Most of the articles out there have been about what I’m up to with my career, which is good,” she said. “Obviously there have been paparazzi shots, ‘Oh, look, there she is doing whatever,’ but those things only appear in Us Weekly and the other weekly magazines, and that’s all those magazines ever have.”

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2 thoughts on “A Night Of Laughs, Cigarettes & Middle Fingers For Avril Lavigne

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  2. cUtE_sArah_ says:

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