A Painful End To Savvy & Mandy’s Golf Outing

Savvy of Savvy & Mandy discussed her recent golf cart accident with Twitter followers (@FollowSavvy) last night, having to only type with one hand in the process. The pop singer writes:

Hi guys it’s me! Thank u so much for all your prayers and get well wishes. I’m alright<3 I'm so thankful it wasn't worse it could've been bad. Here's how it happened: I was driving the cart and Mandy and my dad were in another one in front of me and we came to this steep hill on the concrete road. And there was a sign saying reduce your speed steep slope ahead and I went to do so and the break didn't latch to slow down and to the right of me was a good sized cliff with trees so I picked up speed, didn't wanna crash into their golf cart, lost control went to the left up this hill, it flipped and I landed on the concrete and the golf cart crashed on top of me :( my dad had to get it off me. Luckily I came out of it with alot of bruises, swelling, soreness, a limp leg, and some pretty good cuts. But it could've been ALOT worse!!! Thank you again for wishing me well it made me smile :)<3 I love you guys

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