A Police Escort For Katy Perry’s Zit?

Katy Perry checked in with her Twitter followers (@katyperry) moments ago, commenting on some acne issues and a police escort before boyfriend Russell Brand brought her back down to earth. She, and he, write:

Katy: this massive zit on the back of my necks a good luck sign 4 2night. Not gonna lie, I always feel WAY more important w/police escorts.

Katy: Oh shayth, maybe I just TMI-ed. Yep, I tend to do that & then forget a MISHILLION people r reading. Oh well. 10k ppl in MANILA TONIGHT!! GO!

Russell: @katyperry The police are there to guard the zit you egomaniac. Let the zit close the show with you. Good luck. x

Katy: @rustyrockets GROSS BOYFRIEND STOP! (blushes)

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