A Show That Got Tyler Hilton’s Stomach In Knots

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@tylerhilton) on Monday (December 29), talking about renewing his driver’s license and performing a show in Los Angeles. The singer songwriter tells readers:

To be honest with you I just couldn’t figure out where I was gonna be on what particular day this holiday season, so to book an appointment at the DMV was proving impossible (especially after canceling several previous ones). But my license does need renewing. Do I push it until I get back to LA and in the swing of things? I just don’t think so. So I’m thumbing this blog from one of those plastic chairs I haven’t sat in since elementary school here at the DMV in Indio, Ca. The same DMV I took my drivers test when I was 16 and getting my first license. I’m home for the holidays and it’s packed. I need to keep one ear open for G234, the number assigned to me.

I’m gonna go back in my mind while sitting here to a week or so ago just before the doors opened at The Troubadour in LA for our last show of the year. It’ll take my mind off being here. And it’s a good thought! … I’m sitting back stage and my stomach’s all in knots. Why? Why is my stomach doing this? I play shows all the time! But LA’s always different because there are so many people I know or am related to watching my performance. And add that to the fact that this is the biggest club I’ve ever headlined here which I’ve been saying is a bad idea all along. I mean, I haven’t had an album out in 4 years, no single on the radio in 2 and we’re gonna waltz on stage and expect anyone to be there?? Who am I not paying around here?!! I have Schuyler Fisk and Curtis Peoples opening the show which is great ’cause I get to relax and watch them before I go on, but it’s torture at the same time ’cause it just makes the waiting longer and therefore fraying my nerves.

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