A Spacey, Long Starbucks-less Day For Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus in LSU garb

has been busy on Twitter today as the 16-year-old continues work on ‘The Last Song’, commenting on Eminem, Starbucks, her hometown and grinding through a long day. Cyrus writes:

Rockin” out to “Stan” by Eminem. Wow. He is a genius. I love how his music tell a story. His music means something. He is a living legend.

In desperate need of Starbucks. I am so spacey today. People are talking to me and I literally just see mouths moving “wa wa wa wa wa”

I would do anything to be in Franklin right now. I miss you Tennessee. :)

Massive head ache. Ouchy :( I need a snuggle buddy? Got any takers???

This has been THE LONGEST DAY of all history :( ughh I’m so ready for it to end.

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