A Streak Of Genius In A Dumb Pop World

Contributed Anonymously:

In this amazing world of pop stars where they wondered where Cannes Films Festival is held, or thought that songs like “Complicated” is punk, there is still a streak of genius in everyone, no matter how dim they may be. Let’s us all began with the dullest blade:

1) Simpsons (the Blonde one) – Not knowing if Buffaloes are actually “aeronautically challenged” is no obstacle to stardom. She did a brilliant job of turning her life into television’s biggest guilty pleasure.

2) – No amount of perfume can wash away the cow-dung scented small town girl who thought that “Complicated” is punk, but she sure did a great job singing the song.

3) Janet Jackson – It’s never a sin to bare a boob, but its bad business when you had one that could not look up. Janet’s timely music is supremely underrated; Just take another listen to “That’s The Way Love Goes”

4) Simpson (Brunette one) – “Pieee ceeee Of of me me” Oops, she did it again – LIVE!!! But this Simpson’s to turn herself to a charming and pretty brunette instead of the brashy and cheap blonde sibling.

5) Paris Hilton – She is singing and not it is not the classic movie that she starred in. Her streak of genius? Being born as a Hilton, of course!

5) – A pathological liar and layer.. That’s right- a double killer disease where one is addicted to lying and getting laid.. “Genie in the bottle” is one and only song that worth singing about — and what a great song is it.

6) Mandy Moore – Just a tad more interesting than a brick wall, but this hard working girl has been jumping in acting, singing and even commercials. Her lack of talent and personality is made up by her diligence.

7) J.Lo – More plastic than plastic and more ambitious than coco-cola .. J Lo will be nothing if she had kept that beautiful ass of her covered up…

7) Lindsay Lohan & Hillary Duff – Just to prove that everything good comes in pairs. This blonde and redhead sure makes elementary school more interesting. While neither of them have much of a personality, the combination of their rivalry and pre-teen bitching made them rich and famous.

8) Beyonce Knowles – Beyonce is absolutely flawless. Too perfect for her own good. Her genius lies in the fact that she will be still be around when we are all 100 years old. Why? Because Beyonce is Beyonce.

9) – Enough said. Just enough about her. Even she is sick of herself. Genius ? 1) Oops! I did it again when she proclaimed that she was not that “innocent” , 2) I am not a girl, not yet a woman – a song that artfully and tastefully capture a woman in transition and 3) Everytime is so vulnerable and raw that it made us guilty for listening to it. 4) Being able to play the dumb blonde role so intelligently.

10) Madonna – Finally the Queen Bee, the ruler of the realm. Madonna is the summation of everything pop and rock n roll from her music to her lifestyle. Her genius is marketing in the purest form, musical restlessness and an endearing personality..

There you go! As promised, everyone has their moment of genius.

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