A Tale Of Two Avrils On TRL Thursday

Avril Lavigne stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday in what could best be described as a tale of two Avril’s. The portion before BBMak visited had Avril barely audible and not really having a good attitude. Avril first was asked if she liked Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes and said ‘Yeah’ but immediately said ‘No’ after that. When she first came on, the hosts outside wanted her to wave to the fans, and she apparently didn’t know she was on TV, came out after a delay, and just said ‘Yeah’. Perhaps after she got cattle-prodded backstage or was given an IV of pure sugar while BBMak was on, Avril returned much more spunky than previously. Avril literally kissed a fan’s feet for $100 and was much more animated when she asked for a second chance to wave to her fans outside. Read on for a transcript.

Damien: There goes Good Charlotte there. It is absolutely crazy out here losing control of the show Avril Lavigne is hangin’ out it could be
the most interesting television you are about to watch in a long time.

Avril: Ha-ha.

Damien: Having fun right.

Avril: It is crazy. Is ski movin’ I at no. 9.

Avril: No. 9.

Damien: Check out “Objection (tango)” on TRL. It’s nuts!


Damien: There she goes Shakira “Objection (tango)” on the countdown. Up next your next request is coming to you from your favorite artist your role model.

Damien: Britney Spears.

Avril: With “Boys”.

Damien: Here is pharelle doin’ it too on TRL. Check it out:


Damien: No. 8 most requested video in country Britney Spears “Boys” (co-ed remix). Do you like Pharrell.


Damien: N’ his stuff

Damien: You like the Neptunes?

Avril: No.

Damien: A least you are honest. We appreciate I think what people like about you are brutally honest.

Avril: Why wouldn’t I be?

Damien: Right.

Avril: Okay.

Damien: You have your own opinions and stuff right.

Avril: Exactly.

Damien: Give me the lowdown I heard someone was impersonating you on the internet and you log onto your website there is a pop-up and message saying I wasn’t saying these things.

Avril: Yeah, I think some dude was just writing messages to fans commenting and sayin’ some negative stuff pretending he was me and saying he was me and really pissed me off.

Damien: Was it a guy.

Avril: I don’t know if it was a guy or a girl.

Damien: Lonely, huh.

Avril: Had nothing better to do than sit at home and sit at home and cause a little trouble if you call that trouble.

Damien: We took care of that.

Avril: That wasn’t me, I’ll let you know right now.

Damien: She just confirmed it. We’ll get your fans in here wearin’ your neckties.

Avril: Ha-ha.

Damien: Much more TRL. Avril Lavigne hangin’ out with me

Damien: Welcome back to TRL top videos across the country I’m chewing on a breath mint because my breath smells.

Avril: I have some gum.

Damien: Congratulations to Mark Hoppus and his wife Skye he is father to a boy and if you are a fan of blink 182 kockeangin’ out here Avril Lavigne how does it feel in New York? You kinda here when you were 16 you came to Manhattan.

Avril: I lived here like 6 months and I haven’t really been here very much since so it’s like – weird.

Damien: It’s gotta be. I would think.

Avril: Yeah is even weirder.

Avril: Go look at that, my face is on billboard over there, ha-ha.

Damien: How do you feel about that?! Geea

Avril: Exciting someone told me that today and it’s like, it’s in a weird way another dream come true like, you know, all this stuff

[Crowd simultaneously] Ohhh.

Avril: Stop it!

Damien: Talk about the video music awards, a huge night and how you feel about this, we liked blink 182 earlier, they opened, the pre-show a few years ago next area closed out the show. This is the kinds of thing.

Avril: And he all those little people dancin’ around.

Damien: You are opening show there and you realize like, how big this is? Has it hit you?

Avril: Yeah, I guess so


Damien: What do you think it?

Avril: I’m so excited. The coolest thing because like this has my dam to do this like what I’m doin’ all my life and eve award watched I would get so antsy at home like want to be u there and doing that and now I’m going to be performing and I’m — I’m not only performing.

Damien: Nomination?

Avril: I’m being

Damien: best new artist.

Avril: I mean, I think it is the coolest thing like the rest my life be like, yeah, I’ve been nominated for something.

Damien: Would you be excited?

Avril: Don’t even go there.

Damien: Or too rock really she’s too punk

I’m not punk

Avril: You hang out and we’ll talk more having fun chewing our gum and breath mints we’ll find out who left 3LW down 3 big spots here at 5 3LW “I do (wanna get close to you)”

Hanging out with Avril.


Avril: No. 5 3LW “I do (wanna get close to you)” we got to the bottom of this the controversy that completely shocked the world people reeling if this noise news what the hell is going on.

Damien: Interesting stuff. Maybe we should start calling them 2lw, ha-ha fake laugh.

Avril: Ha-ha.

Damien: Back to your requests a girl you like plays her instrument, jams out up one from yesterday right Michelle Branch “goodbye to you” up one spot yesterday let’s check it out.

Avril: “Goodbye to you”


Damien: No. 4 Michelle Branch “don’t say goodbye” up one from yesterday. ‘Got to take another break hangin’ out with Avril. Say hi to your fans standing out there in throngs.

Avril: Can I go say hi to them.

Damien: Yeah, go ahead.


Damien: She’s rockin’ and rollin’ like only Avril Lavigne can top 3 right around the corner Avril, do you mind if your fans ask you some questions they can ask me questions.

Damien: We’ll do that after the break (888) 311-4343 if there is something you want to ask her and we’ll have the premiere of “sk8er boi” have hang out things on TRL just heatin’ up.


Damien: What a crazy, insane day I don’t know if is looks on insane on television at home but in here we don’t even know what the hell is going on.

Avril: I don’t know.

Damien: I am with Avril Lavigne, though.

Avril: I got thrown on the air and didn’t even know I was on.

Damien: How about that counting down the top 10 most requested videos in the land. This is where you want to be I have my partner in crime right here I guess cue call her Avril Lavigne so much press about you in the news, the mainstream knows you probably aren’t into a lot of that gossip stuff.

Avril: I don’t read anything.

Damien: We have some dedicated fans that want to ask you questions so the first one is Mandy. Stand up. Go for it.

Fan: In your last video you went totally crazy at the mall I’m wondering the most trouble you ever got into.

Avril: The most trouble I ever got myself into is probably not something I can say on T.V..

Damien: Is that it?

Avril: My parents got really mad.

Damien: Okay. You didn’t get arrested.

Avril: N– ha-ha.

Damien: I think I read an article in “rolling stone” did it include a bar fight? I heard something about that candy where are you

Fan: My question for you is every interview I watch you are touted the next big thing in music I’m wondering how you keep your feet to the ground and where you see yourself in the industry in 5 years

Avril: Uhm


Avril: Are you — is he asking what I want to be doing in 5 years.

Fan: What do you picture yourself in five years. I want to know where like you see yourself.

Avril: I see myself doing the same thing that I’m doing right now. I don’t know things always come up and down and go no. 1 and go whatever but I don’t, you know, I try not to focus on numbers and stuff too much. All I know is that writing is what I love to do and I just want to keep writing and recording and I think it is great that like, you know, people love my music right now and like I hope that they continue to but I mean like if — you know, if Avril Lavigne went: Then I would, you know I’d keep doin’ what I’m doin’ ’cause I love it and keep makin’ music because it’s what I do.

Damien: She’s true to herself we got Ashley. Where is Ashley down over here okay there she is right there.

Fan: I want to say I love you, like your biggest fan.

Avril: Thank you.

Fan: I want to know even though you are so young your music is very deep and I want to know where you get your inspiration.

Avril: Alright. I’m like a really like emotional person like really like sensitive and I just like get my inspiration from like different — I just write what I go through, my feelings, you know, like just my inspiration comes from my personal life

Damien: And that’s it. There you have it. Right there. Make some noise for her awesome Avril Lavigne hangin’ out thanks for answering the questions we know it is kinda strange.

Avril: You’re welcome. I like her socks.

Damien: She likes her socks right now no. 3 video b2k “why I love you”, making four days in a row for them by the way. Congratulations to b2k check them out:


Avril: I’m not even going to make an effort.

Damien: We are here with Avril Lavigne, Avril Lavigne, everybody!


Avril: My god.


Damien: It’s all right. Let’s talk about the album “let go” certified platinum.

Avril: Yeah!


Damien: Congratulations by the way.

Avril: Thank you.

Damien: “Complicated” first video off the record. What was the most important thing you learned between filming the two, any revelations?

Avril: The whole thing was a learning experience there wasn’t really anything in particular just watch whatever you do in front of the camera ’cause, uhm, they might use it and you might not like it.

Damien: What was the idea for the video.

Avril: For “Sk8er Boi”.

Damien: It is a little different than “Complicated”.

Avril: More of just a rock video showin’ like us performing. It’s more like authentic. It got like a real vibe thing. And it was fun. We just like got — tossed into an intersection an jumped on cars and rtedn’ out.

Damien: As opposed to running around the mall and dipping your nacho chip in someone else’s the cop’s sauce.

Avril: Yeah. Why.

Damien: Very good in the video there is a sk8er boi and I watched the video for makin’ this and you kinda had the hots for him


Avril: Dude I’m young and single and having fun. So what? So what?

Damien: There are guys around this audience goin’ ahh all right cool. Also, you swallowed a cockroach.

Avril: I didn’t swallow one okay, dude there was a dead cockroach. Were we supposed to use a shot where I step on it give me a hundred bucks to stick this in my mouth and Frances the director

[Inaudible] Soy put it on m tongue for 10 seconds, eww ww ww would you not do it for a hundred bucks? A hundred bucks, man, 10 seconds of my life, a hundred bucks.

Damien: You really mean a hundred dollars.

Avril: Give me a dare and I’ll do something.

Damien: We’ll think about that we’ll premiere “sk8er boi” and come up with a dare during the video possibly. You want to intro it go for it.

Avril: Go ahead, do it.

Damien:  It’s Avril Lavigne

I’m Avril Lavigne. I’m Avril Lavigne and check out my video for “Sk8er Boi”!


Damien: TRL premiere Avril Lavigne give it up for her. Awesome job “Sk8er Boi”.

Avril: Thank you.

Damien: Looked good. Are you happy with how it came out.

Avril: Yeah, it was fun. I like to break things. I got to break the guitar in the en.

Damien: Doin’ like that michael jk son thing at the end where he jumps on the car and breaks everything.

Avril: I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about but okay


Damien: Just go along with me and my jokes we thought about a dare. You know what I actually have a hundred dollars right here. Won’t give it to you yet. We’ll take a break and think of a dare for you to do. I haven’t thought of one yet but give me a few minutes that’s how my brain works.

Avril: Be creative don’t give me [Bleep] Something good.

Damien: The top 2 ever your last break of the day we’ll see if shady can hold to no. 1 and who is challenging him back with Avril Lavigne of course hang out take a look what’s going down tomorrow on your TRL


Damien: Is TRL. Welcome back to times square new york city havin’ a lot of fun here crazy Avril Lavigne fafans up in here. Up in here and I got Avril Lavigne right now. We are talkin’ about dares of course you had a cockroach on your tongue in that video. I have a hundred dollars and thought of a dare. We have a lot of fans down here from a lot of different places around the U.S. And I think probably around the world. How would you feel about kissing one of them? Is that cool?

Avril: Yeah. I’ll kiss one. I can’t kiss him on the lips but somewhere else.

Damien: You will? Are you comfortable with that for a hundred bucks.

Avril: Why I’ll kiss him on the foot or something.

Damien: On the foot? I’ll definitely pay money to see that who do we got here who do we got we need someone with pretty smelly feet up over here. We’ll take her up over here come on up here she goes takin’ off the shoe how do you feel about this?

Avril: Uhm, it’s fine.

Damien: Are they clean?

Avril: Yes.

Damien: She kissed the foot here you go the pay-off there is a hundred bucks awesome thank you very much Avril we have to go to no. 2 Kylie Minogue “Love at first sight” on the countdown here havin’ fun in Times Square


Damien: No. 2, she’s bankin’ the money Kylie Minogue “love at first sight”. It is damien. I want to thank Avril Lavigne for coming.

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