A Tour Of Elton John’s Atlanta Home

gave ‘Today’ host Matt Lauer a tour of his home in Atlanta, Georgia which he shares with boyfriend David Furnish. Elton also talked about losing his temper in Taiwan and his happiness with Furnish. Watch the segment below.

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9 thoughts on “A Tour Of Elton John’s Atlanta Home

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    Why is Elton all the sudden on this site?

  2. blank45 says:

    If not Adult-Contemporary Pop.

  3. tramp says:

    a small concert at wild bills?

    styxx great
    who think you come there?

  4. tramp says:

    lol let me know I have drive down I live in NC

  5. viv says:

    Elton John has one sweet home… I need that kind of money haha

  6. Steve says:

    Having read an article in the May 2000 edition of Architectural Digest regarding Elton’s Atlanta – and other homes, I can assure you that what you saw in this tour with Matt Lauer, has most assuredly changed.

    Elton likes “on-going” change in his residences; Something is always going on at one the houses, typically in his absence. He referred to it as “A work in progress.”

    An accomplished musician and pianist, Elton has a great eye for design and fashion; hence his friendship of years with Versace. Art work and sculptures adorn ALL his residences, and he just has impeccable taste.

    I happen to know where his Atlanta home is; Yes, he goes to the store alone, and everybody’s gotten used to seeing him. He likes Atlanta – A LOT!

  7. Todd Dorsey says:

    Just in case Sir Elton is reading this, or someone close to him, I am in need of a cool Elton jacket to wear for Halloween 2011 in Athens GA. I can be contacted through Facebook in Athens GA. Thanks!

  8. Janice M Decker says:

    Sir Elton John

    I am a great fan of yours. I would like to send you a Christmas Card. Could you Please send me a address or P. O. Box number so I can send it to you.
    I am from Chickamauga Ga. I have lived here for about twelve years, and I
    love it here.
    Thank You
    Janice M Decker

  9. Joyce says:

    I have been a fan forever I just want to say I am very happy for you in regard to your marriage and your children. You are a great person I love all your songs and the fact that you help people … The Aids Foundation etc. keep doing what you are doing.

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