a1 Guys Reveal Who They Snuggle Up To

Mark Read, Ben Adams, Christian Ingebrigtsen and Paul Marazzi of the pop group a1

Top Of The Pops magazine spoke with a1’s and Christian Ingebrigtsen about who they’d most like to snuggle up to on a cold winter night. Ben said, “I’m about to get a dog so I think I’ll be snuggling up with that at Christmas! It’s a miniature long-haired Dachshund. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to walk it much because its legs are so short!” As for Christian, he explains, “I’d like to have a proper girlfriend to snuggle up to. Hopefully this Christmas I’ll have that. I’m always hoping and time is running out now!”

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3 thoughts on “a1 Guys Reveal Who They Snuggle Up To

  1. Mariah Sharina Dequit says:

    To Chrisian Ingebrigtsen:
    I would like to apply as one of your proper girlfriends!,.Ha!Ha!Ha! just kidding!,.but in serious ways I would love too!,.But it’s too late!,.but still I’M WISHING THAT HE WILL VIEW THIS COMMENT OF MINE!!!…

  2. Mariah Sharina Dequit says:

    To Ben Adams:
    I truly wished that I was your puppy so that I can be with you!,.even though as a pup,.I may experienced your love!!!…

  3. Mariah Sharina Dequit says:

    Too bad baby,,,…it’s too late,.they go in their own ways now!,.too bad I wasn’t born in their time of brightest attack in showbiz!,.I was only 15 1/2 years old!,.

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