A1’s Ben Adams Signs Solo Deal With BMG

The Sun reports former A1 star is set to launch a solo career, signing a six figure deal with BMG that will see him release new material later this year. “Ben has proved to be the exception to the rule,” BMG talent scout Paul Lisberg said. “He came from a boy band but writes all his own material. It’s extremely artistic.”

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13 thoughts on “A1’s Ben Adams Signs Solo Deal With BMG

  1. crap says:

    hey!!!!!!!!! hi Ben this is crap your no. fan just want to ask if is there a chance that a1 will come back?? Well I just want a simple answer from you Ben because we idolize a1 very very very much yeah definitely we miss your band and also your bandmate so much…. we also miss Paul just say hi to Mark and Chris please.. just send your reply on my e-mail address because I’m listening a1’s all music you rock a1 forever

  2. Arvieleta says:

    I just want to say I love you Ben so much! I also want to clarify the rumors I hear I don’t know if it is a fact or rumor so please and please sing together again!

  3. Arvieleta says:

    the rumors are is it true that you have a reunion or comeback concert? I dunno!

  4. ninia says:

    hi Ben? How is a1 band I really miss a1 and especially you… can I ask a favor Ben?? will you please come back Ben and sang together with your band love you Ben Adams

  5. ninia says:

    hi Ben ? you know what I’m always wishing that I can hug you tightly………. Because I really really love you Ben .>. and I’m wishing that you are my future husband .>>>>>>>hehe LOVE YOU so much Ben in a1

  6. jr says:

    a fan from Philippines… just saying that we’re missing you a1 so much…. I know lots of people like me from Philippines would have been saying that we want you sing again together..

  7. roan says:

    hello Ben!how are you? I have heard some news from my friend that a1 will be back! Well, I’m just hoping and always wishing that it’ll be real. I’m 1 of your greatest fans and I’m dying to meet you personally, I’m not kidding! As of now I’m here in Rome, Italy. haha, quite near huh!!we’re in the same continent, haha!take care always,and may GOD bless you always, I know he does! We’ll wait until you come back!miss you and the band,of course! (^_^)

  8. roan says:

    Ben, please come back with the band! Please, please, please! I’m sorry for my first message, I have wrote some wrong letters, I have to sleep now,ok!!’til next, Mr. Adams!hahah!Ben…

  9. anggie says:

    Ben I hate you… because your solo albums not released in Indonesia.. I waited so long..and I can’t hear your voice again come on Ben… Indonesia waiting your song and your albums soon…. miss you…kaka’…???

  10. Catharina says:

    Ben is back with A1 again!!!(without Paul) Their new single “Take you Home” is absolutely AMAZING! Check out this LIVE performance from November 29th youtube.com/watch?v=Ae3CAQKqMQ0 :D They’re also participating in the Norwegian Eurovision Song contest this year, A1 FTW :D I can’t wait for their new album this year! :D

  11. camille says:

    Hi! I am the of your admirer………….
    I like you………..

  12. danah says:

    HELLO BEN!!! you know what. I love you,I really really do. since elementary I’m your DIE HARD FAN!! so please be reunited1 I love A1!! my favorite song is your LIKE A ROSE! and please do have a concert here in the Philippines. I was only a kid when you visited our country. I LOVE YOU BEN!!!!

  13. jessica says:

    You know Ben that you like a rose that gives love in my heart

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