Aaron Carter Chats With Fans On AOL

Backstreet.net posted a transcript of Aaron Carter’s online chat on AOL on February 26. When asked what he looks for in a girl, Aaron said, “Personality is the best thing. If they’ve got personality, I’m happy with that. That is basically the key. You’ve got to look beyond that, how they treat you, how they treat other people. And a girl who likes sporty and fun things, motorcycles and stuff.” As for plans on working with brother of the Backstreet Boys, Aaron said, “I don’t know. We should be working on stuff. We have talked about it. We are going to see what we can do.”

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4 thoughts on “Aaron Carter Chats With Fans On AOL

  1. spankygirl says:

    Hello Aaron Carter are you single??? how is music business going???
    I am the biggest fan you ever had. that you can send me an email and good luck with tour and finding the girl of your dreams, that we could be friend’s. but also you are cute. we have the same year birthday.

  2. spankygirl says:

    if you need anything just holler, I’m there for you.
    love, your new friend, fan

  3. spankygirl says:

    Is there way to talk with you in person on the computer?

  4. popdirt says:

    this is a story about a chat he had with AOL in 2002 spankygirl.

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