Aaron Carter Has Close Call With Hammerhead Shark

Aaron Carter was on Inside Edition on Thursday night. He was telling about his close call when he was spear-fishing in Florida and a hammerhead shark came really close to him.

Aaron Carter Set To Do A TV Series

September 19, 2002 – CDNow.com reports Aaron Carter has said he’ll be doing a television series “pretty soon.” Aaron says the show “would be playing different characters. It would be like a Saturday Night Live show. It’s funny. Like slapstick. Like ‘The Monkees’.” Aaron admitted that hesitant to try acting since so many other pop stars are doing it. “Every other singer is trying to act,” he said. “I mean, Britney has acted. Jessica Simpson. There’s not a singer out there who hasn’t acted. I want to try acting. I don’t want to copy everybody else.”

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3 thoughts on “Aaron Carter Has Close Call With Hammerhead Shark

  1. JuniorGirl04 says:

    Christina hasn’t acted yet since she started her singing career. Although that could be interesting to watch.

  2. eLgato says:

    Christina’s supposed to make a cameo in Andy Dick’s movie “Daphne Aguilera.” It’s supposed to come out this coming summer. Kevin Richardson of BSB and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters are also supposed to be in it.

  3. BrezerAc_88 says:

    OMG, if that shark would have taken a bite outta Aaron I’d personally go hunt it down and feed it to the starving kids in Africa!

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