Aaron Carter Most Popular Male Pop Star

Searches on pay-per search engine Overture.com have confirmed that young is the most popular male pop star in terms of search queries during the month of January. His brother Nick had under 70,000 while *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake had around 79,000. ‘Aaron Carter’ (one word AaronCarter combined) got a huge total of 107,415 searches during the month. A troubling fact for the young singer is that he has become a sort of gay icon and the 14 year old has a disturbing number of nude queries. The most popular misspelling for Aaron was Arron Carter with 4,448 searches.

Male Teenybopper Meets Up With Carter Bros In Vegas

March 2, 2002 – A frighteningly persistent male teenybopper was holed up all night at Mandalay Bay and another Vegas hotel on Friday in a hunt to meet up with Aaron Carter. The fan ran into Aaron twice but his bodyguards refused to allow a photo to be taken with him. He did manage a shot with Nick Carter, as the Backstreet Boys star was also in town.

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  1. jeannie says:

    hey you how are you Aaron carter just say hi to you.Whis I can meet you soon but it what come true can you e mail me back soon

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