Aaron Carter Says Justin Timberlake Dissed *NSYNC With ‘Gone’

Aaron Carter weighed in on Justin Timberlake in the new issue of J-14, and what he considered an unforgettable blunder to his *NSYNC bandmates. “I like *NSYNC and all the guys are my friends, even Justin. But I was like, ‘Why did he diss them on that song ‘Gone’? He should have saved it for his album.” As for how he stacks Timberlake up against his Backstreet Boys brother Nick Carter. “Nobody competes with my brother,” he said. “He’s incredible… I’m not even going to listen to Justin’s stuff.”

*NSYNC Document Early Days With New DVD

October 23, 2002 – A spokesman for distributor Trauma Records reports ‘The Reel *NSYNC’ will be released on DVD and VHS on November 5th. The video was shot and edited by Joey Fatone, and revisits the group’s formative years in previously unreleased footage from the days when the group flew coach and stayed in cheap hotels.

Aaron Carter’s Mom Spit-Shines His Hair At AIDS Benefit

October 21, 2002 – Billy Masters of Filth2go.com was on hand at the The Disco Ball, a benefit for AIDS Project LA, which took place last week at the Shrine Auditorium. Billy Aaron Carter “sang an almost inaudible tribute to Andy Gibb.” As for Aaron’s hair, “Mama Carter came over to fix Aaron’s hair – and, damn, those are good highlights! Not happy with simply flattening the section around his earpiece, mommy licked her hand and used her saliva to tame the boy’s hair – something only a mother would do.” He added that was a last-minute no-show for their tribute to The Bee Gees, but Lou Pearlman’s latest boy band, Natural, masterfully filled the void.

Aaron Carter’s Official Site Says Bob Carter Is Doing Fine

October 16, 2002 – Some conflicting information is about as Aaron Carter has posted the following on his official site: “Hey everyone! I just needed to clear the air about some rumors going around that are totally False!!! There are stories being spread around that Bob is really sick and stuff like that, but I assure you, and this comes from Big Bob himself, that he is fine, in great health, and enjoying some time home with the family where’s he’s relaxing and enjoying some time on the boat with Aaron! Thanks for everyone’s concern, though!! Andy”

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