Aaron Carter Stays Busy Gettin’ Busy

Popbitch.com reports that while touring with his brother of the on Nick’s solo tour of Asia last year, 16-year-old spent most of his time having sex with fans. The gossip site alleges that during one of Nick’s gigs, Aaron started to have sex with a young girl against the wall backstage in front of all the lighting and sound technicians. When the sounds guys complained Aaron’s only response was “Whatever” as he just kept banging away.

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11 thoughts on “Aaron Carter Stays Busy Gettin’ Busy

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    I’m sorry, but that’s disgusting, he looks 12 and should not be having any type of sex. I know he’s a guy and 16, but he looks way too young.

  2. Jive says:

    I would do for a backstage pass, but not his concert.

  3. shuddafup says:

    Yeah, anyone who has sex with him and his little wang should feel like a pedophile.

  4. CMB says:

    Eww! I accompanied my cousins to a concert of his in the summer, and there were a lot of horny girls. (There were probably about 12, since there was VERY little attendance.) IF IT’S TRUE, he’s a little pervert. Maybe , that unnamed fan mentioned above was Paris Hilton! Who knows!?

  5. popnicklover says:

    Such bull crap it isn’t even funny. Anybody who believes this is truly gullible and they are probably the same people who believe the bull that Paris and Nick are getting married! Pathetic. Aaron knows much better than that.

  6. iLive4Concerts says:

    LMAO! the joys of being an AC fan…’, ‘wow I was looking for a good laugh today! I guess I got one, right? 1st of all this is bull because Aaron didn’t tour with Nick last year. He did make I think 1 stop in NY but still… & even if this IS true which I’m 99.999 percent sure this isn’t it’s kinda funny, eh maybe I’m just weird. luck girl haha

  7. SelenaY143 says:

    Another bulls— crap again???!?!’, ‘Just look at all the NSYNC premature morons here. Gullible, absolutely gullible. And it’s all thanks to this bull—- story. It make proof that they are the morons in this site. Anyways, Aaron’s too young and Nick would probably beat him up. C’mon! If it happened to Britney, everyone would fall for it. Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

  8. rachel says:

    Yeah he is 16 now go ask a bunch of guys who lost it before 16 and you will find’, ‘millions. If it was a girl not so believable but for a guy I totally believe that he is not a virgin. The only things far fetched is him having sex with his fans backstage where it’s visible to everyone.

  9. sexypopfan says:

    Yeah!! Go Aaron…thought the kid was kind of annoying but he’s actually pretty cool…plus he looks so innocent I would love to corrupt him!! He’s a pop star (kind of) let him enjoy it!

  10. child_from_hell says:

    So since he is a guy it’s ok to be doing that . I don’t believe it for a minute. It’s got to be a lie. probably from some fan that wants to be having sex with Aaron. I don’t believe this crap for a minute.

  11. Smile says:

    If millions of guys have had sex, but the girls haven’t, then who are the guys sleeping with? lol. Obviously, girls aren’t all innocent either. But as for Aaron, I can’t see this happening. If this were true it would be all over the place and it’s not. I’m not trying to make Aaron seem perfect, but most of this is made up by the media.

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