Aaron Carter Touts Pal’s Pit Bulls, Promises New Music

checked in with his MySpace friends (@aaroncarter) on Sunday (January 20) with the following bulletin:

Ok I know that [they’re] expensive but I had to let everyone know about my man…. “Ced” the best pit bull breeder in the west coast. No lie!!! They are going for $6,000 a pup!! … but they are the best of the best. If anyone is looking for a beautiful pit bull American Stafford terrier blue, that’s the best high quality dogs I’m telling you, “Ced” is the man you wanna talk to. He is third on my friends so hit em up …. a>>c

Also one more thing ..

To every person on my “MySpace” friends I want you all to know that your continued amount of support and love has kept me going and strong at that I can’t wait for you to hear about my life my stories and all of the struggles through music. I “am” in the studio recording my record and I’m very excited to be back. It’s been a long time coming but I never forgot one of you. I might not remember you but I haven’t forgotten what you have all done for me..

Once again thank you so much all of you and I’m coming back stronger than ever I’m gonna post a beat that’s going on my record so you can have a taste of what I’ve been producing and working on for the record. There is going to be a big difference in the variations of style, and I think it is a way to appeal to you all … everyone have a great new year as will I and I can’t wait to see you all.

….much love ..a.c

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One thought on “Aaron Carter Touts Pal’s Pit Bulls, Promises New Music

  1. nat says:

    don’t hold your breath waiting 4 music from Aaron Carter

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