Aaron Carter Tries Too Hard To Score With 16 Year Old

The Star reports 14 year old made a play for a 16 year old girl in the audience of his performance at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, inviting the girl backstage where he asked her up to his suite. She turned him down but did give him her phone number. Later, Aaron called the girl offering to send a limo to her home to pick her up. The girl’s mother threw a fit and Aaron’s handlers had to remind him of the “rule of the road” – he always has to have a chaperone present when he’s on a date.

Dirty Dances With Teen Beauty

March 30, 2002 – BBC’s Top of the Pops reports Aaron Carter was spotted dirty dancing at the ‘Crossroads’ London premiere party on Monday with the daughter of British daytime TV host Richard Madely. When Madely saw his daughter Chloe getting too close for comfort with Aaron, he stepped in and scolded his teen daughter.

Aaron Carter Getting Radio Airplay

March 17, 2002 – Aaron Carter’s official Jive label site reports, “Aaron’s finally on the radio! “I’m All About You” is finally being played on some of the biggest stations in the US. Let’s make sure he keeps being played. We’re asking each and every Aaron Carter fan out there to make some noise!” Jive’s initiating their army of young fans to bug radio stations to play the tune more.

Teenyboppers Swoon Oh Aaron In Knoxville

March 12, 2002 – Terry Morrow of KnoxNews.com spoke with teenage girls and their parents outside of the Aaron Carter concert Monday night at Thompson-Boling Arena. 14-year-old Summer Jones of Knoxville insisted, “I will marry him. I will.” She first met Aaron in October when he was doing an outdoor show at a Wal-Mart. Summer said she tried to talk to Aaron, but was too nervous and cried instead.

Aaron Carter’s Tour Includes ‘Imagine’ Cover

March 8, 2002 – Roger Catlin of The Hartford Courant spoke with Aaron Carter about his tour that comes quickly after his earlier summer tour last year. Aaron promises new material during the tour which will include cover of a classic peace anthem. Aaron explained, “I’m doing ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon. With everything that’s gone on, you know, I thought it’d be an inspirational thing. I don’t think kids know it, but their parents definitely know it.”

Aaron Carter Watching Brother’s Moves With Women

March 6, 2002 – Star reports Aaron Carter has been keeping an eye on his brother Nick Carter’s ways with charming the ladies. Aaron said of his bro’, “As far girls go, heck, I’ve been watching HIS moves since I was 7 – I don’t need any coaching – it’s in my blood!”

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  1. BabieGurl101 says:

    HA HA HA! Nick Carter couldn’t charm a girl, he tries to hard. So I don’t know why Aaron watching his moves. Nick should be watching Aaron’s.

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