Aaron Carter Won’t Give Up On Hilary Duff

Fifteen-Minutes.com caught up with Aaron Carter for a Q&A and asked about his on-off relationship with Hilary Duff. Carter responded, “It’s off right now…soon to be on again.”

As for reports that Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan battled over him at the Vanity Fair cover shoot, Aaron explained, “Lindsay Lohan, was an ex-girlfriend of mine, simple as that. I don’t like Lindsay Lohan anymore like that. You know she’s… I don’t, you know, like her like that. And I still like Hilary.”

Pink Haired Aaron Carter Interviewed On KTLA

August 16, 2003 – Aaron Carter was on KTLA to promote his tour stop at the Grove in Anaheim on July 28th. Aaron talked about how he likes all the attention fans give him wherever he goes, the pink hair he was sporting, his old “Mickey Mouse” voice and the tough transition he’s making, his relationship with his mother Jane and how he feels about her being his manager, his craziest fan experience, and more. Video has since been removed.

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5 thoughts on “Aaron Carter Won’t Give Up On Hilary Duff

  1. Stallion says:

    This kid will do anything for media attention. But I don’t blame you Hilary is pretty hot.

  2. Dancer4Life says:

    How old is Aaron? The way he talks in this interview seems so childish. “Like um…like…um…you know I don’t even like Lindsay like that anymore.” What the *****?! Can’t he talk any better then that.

  3. crazystuff129 says:

    he is like 15.. but I always thought they made a cute couple… but Aaron.. you need to move on..there are bunches of other girls..since I kinda think Hilary has moved on.. but oh well ..its his life..he must have really like her then.

  4. XxmissyxX says:

    gosh you can’t compare Lindsay and Hilary. first of all… Hilary is waaay cuter! BUT Lindsay is a better actress. well they’re both bad singers -period. hehe. ugh… Aaron is no guy to fight over anyway

  5. jcsfan88 says:

    what’s the point of them breaking up if they still like each other? yea, they don’t get to see each other much, but their careers are sorta taking off so it’s almost always going to be like that.

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