Aaron Carter’s Mom Has His ‘Thriller’ Jacket, $75k & More

The New York Post reports according to papers filed by Aaron Carter yesterday morning, the singer claims his mother Jane took $75,000 and the his most precious personal possessions – a jacket worn by in his ‘Thriller’ video and gifts from Bruce Willis worth more than $1 million. Aaron is also suing for release from the control of his parents.

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10 thoughts on “Aaron Carter’s Mom Has His ‘Thriller’ Jacket, $75k & More

  1. stallion says:

    I’m surprise that little whore AiRMERiCAxAO didn’t post this considering she is always up in Aaron Carter ass

  2. eLgato says:

    ^ you’re sick. u’re a guy who thinks about Aaron Carter’s ass at 1 in the morning.

  3. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    Well someone please tell Stallion that people like it are the reason why they have the NAMBLA? Quit thinking about me all the time, you sick pedo!

    Poor Aaron :-( It’s horrible that money went to his mother’s head and made her forget about her children so quick.

  4. stallion says:

    ^The fame went to Nick Carter head that is why that queer left the Backstreet Boys to make a few bucks on his album but it was a major FLOP!

    AiRMERiCAxAO what are you doing up so late in the morning it is like 1:18 isn’t that way pass your bed time. Don’t tell me you had a bad dream and couldn’t get back to sleep. I bet you are excited about Santa Clause I bet you got your milk and cookie ready to give to him. I don’t think you are going to get anything for christmas this year once Santa realize how much of a sl** you were this year.

  5. HottStacie says:

    Why is Aaron suing ??? WTF Some one should really give him a good beating…him and the evil little blonde talentless ***** (Hilary) belong to together, they are both little spoiled brats !

  6. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    Aaron’s suing because his mother’s been using him since he was 9 years old and now she’s threatening him and has been mentally abusing members of her family for some time. I hardly think that’s being spoiled

    The family went to Nick’s heard yet JUSTIN is the one blabbing about how his stuff is better than *NSYNC’s and he doesn’t see him doing another album with them for awhile..yeah, right. Someone’s a wee bit dumb.

  7. HottStacie says:

    I know, and I understand, but a child should not sue the women whom he was born from. It really sounds like that whole Tiffany scandal.

  8. child_from_hell says:

    whats wrong about thinking about Aaron’s ass @ 1’oc in the morning??? I was probably thinking about something more than that. I can’t control my dreams.

  9. saji says:

    I’ve heard things about his dad that I think are sick. Just today I heard he gives drugs to his kids lets them drink and get drunk. I heard he don’t even care what they do as long as they leave him alone with his 29 year old gf. sicko!

    oh yeah…one more thing…good thing his mom took it because if she didn’t his dad would sell it for more booze and things for his gf. Aaron was better when he was WITH his mom…his dad is making him look real bad!!

    she didn’t use him. If it were not for JANE you wouldn’t even know who Aaron Carter is. All this press stuff “Aaron” (and I don’t think it’s Aaron doing all of this!) is suppose to be saying is making him look like a greedy kid that is all worried about money and things.

  10. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    You don’t call taking almost a million dollars from him USING him? That’s not taking the money ‘she deserves’…She gets paid millions of dollars, also but she steals from her sons accounts. That is using him.

    It’s not a publicity stunt. This was going on in 1999 w/ Nick, too, but it was kept secret and now that Jane and Bob’s divorce is going on at the same time there’s more publicity around it.

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