Aaron Carter’s New Album Drops

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Aaron Carter’s New Album, ‘Another Earthquake’, drops today in stores. Aaron is a big hit with pre-teens and younger teenagers so the album is expected to sell a good amount of copies in its first week, maybe evening surpassing his last album, ‘Oh Aaron’, which entered in the number ‘7’ spot on the Billboard Charts for its first week total last year. The album also features clips from his brother’s upcoming solo debut.

Aaron Carter Shines In Pepsi Pavilion Show

August 31, 2002 – Donna Isbell Walker of The Greenville News reviewed Aaron Carter’s show at the Bi-Lo Center’s Pepsi Pavilion on Friday, giving it good marks and spoke with fans who did likewise. “The dancing was energetic and featured more leaps, cartwheels and flips than a month of gymnastics class,” Walker said. “And if anyone doubted that post-Sept. 11 patriotism had filtered down to the teen-pop world, Carter dispelled that with a flag-waving dance number and the American-flag boots he donned for the latter part of the show.”

Nick And Aaron Carter Are Very Competitive

August 26, 2002 – PBS Kids recently interviewed Aaron Carter and asked how he got along with his older brother Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. “Yeah, I get along with Nick very well. He’s very competitive with me, though,” Aaron said. “Everything I do he thinks he can do it better. Like motorcycles, he’s never ridden one in his life until about a month and a half ago. I was showing him this trick: what I do is I go off a jump, about a 7-foot jump, and I do a 360-twist tail-grab. And he thinks he can do it. That’s a really hard, hard trick. (I created it myself.) It’s really hard because you have to hold onto the handlebars, let go in the middle of the air, do a full twist, grab onto the tail before you fall off, then pull yourself back on. So he thinks he can do it. He gets on the bike; he doesn’t even know how to use the clutch. He gets on it, pops the clutch, then falls backward, and the bikes go over. So I teach him, and he goes off the jump, and he tried to do it. He did the twist but he just didn’t grab on and he fell and landed on his stomach. That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Aaron Carter Wouldn’t Mind Dating Ashley Olsen

August 23, 2002 – Michael Lello of TeenMusic.com chatted with Aaron Carter who denied claims he was dating TV star Ashley Olsen (Olsen Twins) or that he lip synched his songs. “I guess you can say I’m used to the rumors; it’s part of the business,” he says. “I wouldn’t mind dating Ashley though.”

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