Abandoned Chihuahua Epidemic Blamed On Paris Hilton

Animal shelters have been flooded with Chihuahuas lately and experts are blaming Paris Hilton, who helped turn the tiny dog into a fashion accessory after the heiress was constantly seen with her tiny pet Tinkerbell. “Chihuahuas are not a toy or a fashion accessory,” leading authority Lynnie Bunten told The National Enquirer. “But because some people think they are – then realize they’re wrong – there’s a growing problem of abandoned Chihuahuas.” Read more.

Rapping On Second Album?

February 15, 2009 – In Touch hears that Paris will be rapping on her sophomore album, which the heiress revealed she’s already finished recording. “She was rapping with Simon Rex in the studio,” an insider told the mag. “They had a blast!” Hilton told In Touch earlier this month that the new CD will sound “very different from my last album.”

Hops In The Wrong SUV

February 4, 2009 – Paris was videotaped hopping into the wrong SUV outside the Portofino Sun Center in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (February 3), telling a paparazzo, “I thought the door was open for me.” She then made it to another black SUV with the door opened for her, this time the right vehicle. Video at eonline.com has since been removed.

How To Be Paris Hilton’s BFF

January 28, 2009 – ITN caught up with Paris at the Nokia 5800 launch in London, where the heiress was joined by her British Best Friends and talked about what it takes to be her BFF. “I don’t like it when people act so hungry and weird in front of the paparazzi,” Hilton said. “I like people who hang back and relax and they don’t get all crazy. I like when my friends care about me more than they care about the cameras.” Watch the interview below.

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One thought on “Abandoned Chihuahua Epidemic Blamed On Paris Hilton

  1. Elisabeth says:

    It’s not Paris Hilton’s fault some people are idiots.
    Her own dogs are well taken care of, better than some children.

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