Antonella Barba And Jared Cotter Talk About ‘American Idol’ Exit

Tony Potts of ‘Access Hollywood’ interviewed recently booted ‘American Idol’ semi-finalists and Jared Cotter.

Asked how she was feeling the moment where she’d be on or off the show, Barba said, “I was fearing the moment. You almost know what’s coming. It was scary.”

Did Barba expect to the in the top 12? “I expected to be, of course everyone wants to be. When I woke up that morning, I had a good feeling. I thought I would be. You can’t be nervous about something that’s inevitable. Once it’s out of your hands, it’s out of your hands. I wasn’t so nervous going into it until there were only two spots left for the girls and four girls left. I just had a feeling, and at that point, I wasn’t so sure anymore.”

On the moment Antonella got the word, “I cried immediately. I went upstairs, saw (Jared) because he was voted off before me. He was all relaxed and I was crying. He was trying to calm me down, but you’ve kind of got to get that cry out, however long it takes. Say your goodbyes, which is the hardest part because you know you’re not gonna see some of the people ever again.”

Watch the interview, with Antonella getting about 90% of the questions, below.

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