Adam Brody Snubbed By Christina Aguilera

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Adam Brody of the hit show ‘The OC’ was asked whether he prefers or Christina Aguilera in the new issue of Details magazine, and he instead revealed his experience meeting Christina. Adam said, “Not too long ago, I met Christina [Aguilera] at a club in LA. She was sitting in a booth with Justin [Timberlake], who seemed to be welcoming, and I figured I’d go up say hi. She actually shaded her face with her cap and looked the other way. I thought that was kind of rude, but that’s usually how a lot of people in the business are. Their heads get too big for the door.” He continued, “I haven’t met Britney, but I’d hope she’s a lot more pleasant. Personally, I don’t have a ‘pop princess’ preference.”

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10 thoughts on “Adam Brody Snubbed By Christina Aguilera

  1. Jive says:

    Aww that’s bad. He always liked Christina and look at what he got. Maybe Christina just didn’t know who he was so let’s not start calling her rude and selfish.

  2. XtinaFan says:

    oh, so Christina is rude if she “doesn’t know you”? Then she must be pretty *****ing rude to her fans when they try to meet her. Notice how there’s not ONE negative experience from a fan of meeting Britney…the only one is that one that that Backstreet c*nt (I forget her sn lol) makes up. lol.. but there are no REAL ones.

  3. Jaycrazyfreak says:

    hmmm….. There could be a lot of explanations to why she did that. Was tired , drunk, didn’t want to show her face, didn’t want to be bothered, didn’t know who he was, shy, rude or didn’t want to be seen with Justin especially when it seems it happened when Justin and her had all the rumors of a romance together. Just a thought :)

  4. jimmypee says:

    Britney’s never rude to people? is that why she never said a word to her fans at the recent JINGLE BALL concert? or didn’t say a word to ANY of the celebs at HER OWN PARTY in London when promoting her album? LMAO at Christina. she was probably to into JUSTIN ( :-D ) to bother with this loser.

  5. XtinaFan says:

    the Jingle Ball and the other thing are called tabloids, jimmypee. there are no actual Britney fans talking about “bad” experiences with meeting her. They’ve never said she was rude. I feel like I’m your teacher or something….ugh. and jimmy, you really need to get over your little Christina and Justin obsession. He might want her but she sure as hell doesn’t want him lol.

  6. jimmypee says:

    tabloids? you mong. this place posted the news of how about 10 fans wrote letters’, ‘to WorldofBritney complaining. mongo. Britney’s a b!tch deal with it. I bet the reason she’s so pissed at Christina lately is because she’s been *****ing Justin’s brains out…we all know much Flopney STILL isn’t over him

  7. iLoveAdamBrody says:

    I LOVE ADAM BRODY!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA Can you you tell! but anyway he is so hot and funny! if I was Christina I would be all over him! maybe Britney should date him because she said she wants a cute, quirky guy and he fits that description perfectly! and that was pretty rude of Christina to do that, but I heard from a lot of celebrities that she is a *****!

    he is just so cute! and believe me a lot of girls like him! but whatever your a guy! even though I love Justin timberlake I would rather date adam brody because he seems so down to earth and cool!

  8. amusicfanofsoul says:


  9. babet says:

    maybe she was kinda out of it…..or shy. but just because ur not acknowledged it doesn’t mean its because of the person’s ego. Christina might have have not been in the mood to make conversation with anybody. as for Britney….Britney’s snubbed so many people and thinks she can do whatever she wants even when it comes to smoking in bars when its against the laws… THAT’S a big head.

  10. hellahooked says:

    LOL you are so stupid. Christina was rude plain and simple, no excuses.. It’s her ego’, ‘as for Britney, there ‘rumors’ moron, not facts like this… Christina’s ego is so big, it’s bigger than J.LO’s ass.

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