Adam Lambert Is Robbie Williams’ Fav Pop Star Right Now

In ’ latest blog at MySpace (@robbiewilliamsofficial), the singer talked about dogs, beards and singing Olympics. The former Take That star writes:

I’m listening to the new Pet Shop Boys album ‘Yes’
‘All Over The World’ and ‘Beautiful People’ are my favs at the mo….

Adam Lambert is my personal bestest Pop star right now… If you haven’t been watching ‘American Idol’ check him out… He’s the real deal in fact if there was a Singing Olympics and the US where sending Michael Buble and Adam Lambert I wouldn’t even try out for the UK team…

Been working with Trevor at Capitol Records here in LA…
Once again,blown away with what he’s doing…

Robbie Williams: Story I Was Rejoining Take That Was Made Up

April 1, 2009 – Robbie Williams checked in with fans on his official web site,, revealing that reports he was planning on a return to Take That in an interview with a UK tabloid were “totally made up” and that the only thing he said to the lady he posed in a picture with who ended up being a tabloid writer who claimed to have the interview was “sure” in response to whether he’d pose for the image. “The boys have their thing going and so do I,” Robbie explained.

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One thought on “Adam Lambert Is Robbie Williams’ Fav Pop Star Right Now

  1. Canadian says:

    Michael Buble is CANADIAN not American dumb dumb!

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