Adam Lambert Not Happy With Fans Giving Tommy Joe Ratliff Grief

Adam Lambert and Miley Cyrus

checked in with his Twitter followers (@adamlambert) on Monday (February 21), sounding unhappy with his fans for comments some of them made towards his guitarist Tommy Joe Ratliff on the micro blogging service. The ‘’ alum also posted a photo he took with . Adam writes:

@TommyJoeRatliff let’s go get some tattoo work done this week!!! #timeforasleeve

It’s come to my attention fans are givin’ Tommy sh**. Why?? He’s my friend!

Onstage kissing antics were ‘for your entertainment’ nothing more.

And “fans” please refrain from judging my personal life negatively. A few of you #needtogetoneofyourown

Remember it’s MY life and I thank you for tuning in. :)

To focus on the positive: I wanna thank the majority of you for your passion, loyalty and *sanity*! Trust me- I owe you guys the world.

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26 thoughts on “Adam Lambert Not Happy With Fans Giving Tommy Joe Ratliff Grief

  1. Brittany says:

    I’m a super Tommy fan & I just think its ridiculous the rude things they say about poor glitter baby! ): oh, & Tommy is the lead bassist.

  2. Ann says:

    I don’t understand why people are giving Tommy any grief. He’s a great guy & people should keep their negative opinions to themselves. Just shut the heck up!

  3. Glambert3911 says:

    It’s unfortunate that a handful of immature/rude (so called fans) spoil it for the thousands of passionate sane fans. Sadly the negative is what stands out. Don’t waste the pretty!!!

  4. Barb says:

    I know only Tommy was named because of comments going directly to him on twitter. The rest of his comments were in reference to the rest of the BS being flung around. Nasty comments about Sauli or comments being flung from some fans toward each other depending on what side of the fence they stood, or toward Adam himself for the choices he made in his private life. These bold comments were needed, but sadly there will remain some that continue to cling to their reality. Hopeful that for some really take a long hard look why they are part of this fanbase in the first place, and how their actions effect others in the real world. Never followed an artist like this before, so this has all been a real eye-opener.

  5. juliette says:

    Tommy is so sweet. My only wish is that Tommy and Adam would be
    an item. They are soul mates. They make a perfect couple.
    Tommy would be so loyal and dedicated to Adam. By the way he already is, and
    will be devoted to Adam for the rest of his life.

  6. Jeston says:

    It’s too bad that Adam didn’t get the whole story! IN fact some cray fans who have taken their fantasy too far wanting Adam to marry Tommy were upset because Adam was seen with a new guy, Sauli! Tommy’s fans started hating on Adam and on this poor Sauli guy and the Sauli fans reacted, only one troll was really hating on Tommy but Adam reacted to that! Glad he put the fans in place and told them that they need to quit dwelling into his personal life and set the record straight that the stage antics between him and Tommy or anyone else on stage was just an ACT, nothing more! These cray need to get a life and stop harassing Adam with their Tommy love, it’s so ridiculous!! #getoneofyourown

  7. camala says:

    Tommy and Adam don’t make a perfect couple. Tommy is straight. how in the world would you know if Tommy and Adam were soul mates. Adam is an entertainer, and when Adam kissed Tommy in concert, he was giving people what they wanted. I love Adam Lambert and I have never followed anyone like this before, and I wish people would just let him live his life, he’s a big boy

  8. magsmagenta says:

    @Juliette, it’s comments like this that are a major part of the problem, Adam and Tommy will never be an item because Tommy is STRAIGHT, you have been told this repeatedly from the beginning by Adam and Tommy themselves. Tommy is Adams good friend and not his romantic partner. Many of the nasty comments thrown at Tommy seem to have been to the effect that he should come out as Gay, and compete with Sauli for the position as Adams Boyfriend (correct me if I’m wrong but that’s what I saw)
    You really need to get your head out of the clouds and face reality before your delusion does some real harm, Fantasize all you like but don’t expect reality to conform to the fantasy especially if the fantasy is based on real lives and real people who have minds of their own.
    Yes Tommy is very sweet and pretty, I like him a lot, but so is Sauli, and Sauli is gay and therefore much more likely to be Adams boyfriend and we all just have to accept that Adam chooses his own friends and boyfriend according to his heart, not because silly teenage girls want the world to be like the Fan ficton they’re reading/writing.
    Not that there is anything wrong with Fan Fiction as long as it’s all in fun, but I’ve also seen that used to hurt people by putting in the people they don’t like as bad characters.
    Fiction always shows more about the character of the writer than the people written about.

  9. Glambert3911 says:

    Juliette, Adam has spelled it out for you in black & white and you still hold on to YOUR fantasy. Here’s a reality check. Tommy prefers Girls he’s not interested in falling in love & marrying Adam. Adam prefers Boys and that’s why he is now dating some ONE who has the same interests. It is not our business as fans to choose matters of the heart for either one of them. Tommy & Adam are BUDDIES/FRIENDS,(just like Adam said many times) NOT soul mates, there’s a big difference.

    Further more…yes Tommy is very sweet & cute. We can not deny that he & Adam look adorable together…yes there is a great chemistry between them on Stage. That is why Tommy was hired!!! Tommy knew from the get go that there was going to be some Stage Antics involved and he as a Rocker/Performer was open to the whole idea and willing to go along for the ride. How do I know, because Tommy himself told me. END OF STORY!
    Like Adam said “It was all for Our Entertainment”. So please except this for what it is, there’s really no other assumptions for fans to make. Did they enjoy the antics they got into on stage…Hell Yes!!! as we the fans/audience enjoyed it too!!! But then after the show we all went back to our real lives, at least some of us did.

    I don’t understand why so many young folks are so delusional? It’s ok to have fantasies and a strong imagination, but it is vital in life to be able to separate Truth from fiction.
    Surly you don’t still believe in Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy !!!

  10. Pamela says:

    This is to all the naysayers out there…Grow Up!…It has been a long time since an artist with the ultimate talent that Adam Lambert is blessed with has come along. He truly has brought music back into my life and I am grateful. I had forgotten what a terrific stress relief it can be in this crazy world of today. To all the small minded people out there: get on board with the great music or be left behind!

  11. Marissa says:

    you know what, I am a fan of both of them. but I am just going to say that they need space like we do. it is their life. all celebrities are people too. and some of you need to realize that. they both have wonderful talent, and they both deserve their personal life, and a better future. what ever happens they will have a very good friendship. fans are great to have. I should say, just try not to make them both feel unhappy with each other.

  12. Cookie Mama says:

    Why would people hate on Tommy? I understand that just because some people are fans of Adam doesn’t mean the have to like Tommy and that people are entitled to their opinion, but some of the things said about him were just plain spiteful! Sometimes, it’s best to hold your tongue, people.

    Further, I don’t understand why people would say such bad things about a person in general. Do you think that because you were mean to them that they will automatically do whatever it is that you want them to do, just to keep you–some unnamed douche bag somewhere on Earth–happy? God gave you a brain, so use it.

  13. Ana Fontão says:

    To all who are against tommy fu** you. nobody can say or have in their personal lives the two, if they want to be lovers are nobody has to do with it

  14. Ana Fontão says:

    They make a perfect couple

  15. haley says:

    adam and miley do not look good together miley is so ugly.

  16. BossBishGlambert says:

    I love as much as anyone else the kissing that Adam decides he wants to do with tommy on stage and such. I know that tommy is straight and I believe that he actually is, but likes to have a good time with his friend. They’re just having fun and doing what they want, so who the hell cares what everyone else thinks?! People shouldn’t be giving Adam or tommy crap because they are adults and can do as they please. I write fan fiction, and it’s nice to have a creative and sexy view of the two actually being a couple on that website, but I know it’s not reality, and others should realize the same. Stick to your imaginations, people… Tommy is STRAIGHT and we can’t do anything to change that, only he can decide who he wants, and clearly we all must accept his choice(:
    Sorry for the rant xD

  17. Kristina Cipciarova says:

    I don’t think that a man who is “straight” would kiss an other man only for entertainment. he can be
    bi. think about it. it is not fiction.

  18. Heather says:

    I can’t believe people would be mean to Tommy. He is so sweet and talented and Adams good friend. Don’t hate because they not a couple. Love them for what you know they are which is very gifted performers who know what the crowd wants onstage and brings it. Its just an act. Kristina many actors portray roles in movies where they have to kiss same sex people. And many of them are straight in real life. Its their job as actors and performers. Same thing for Tommy.

  19. katelyn says:

    omg i cant belive it! tommy is the best bass player ever! why would people be so mean and give him grief….ps i love tommy and adam :) u guys are the best

  20. Kelbel says:

    I have no idea what this is about but Tommy does seem so sweet and adorable. Adam love Tommy. Not like that. I’m glad Adam is such a good friend. Leave Tommy aline.

  21. alan says:

    adam and tommy look good together .. !!!!

  22. David Saunders says:

    It’s April 27th 2017 – 11:17am I just came across all this crap. Update Adam is starting a USA tour with Queen this June than a world tour.Tommy is no longer with the band. Saulie long replaced!

  23. David Saunders says:

    Reply to my reply. Miley is beautiful. Adam Levin has never said he was sorry to Adam. Clay Aiken is nuts! In 2015 Adam Lambert made over 10 million dollars according to Forbes.

  24. Marlene says:

    Adam looked scared in that picture with Mikey.

  25. sylvia Brigman says:


  26. maddison says:

    anyone still here in 2020 right after their friendship stopped? oh this year is too much just end already

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