Adam Lambert Reacts To Adam Levine Slight On ‘The Voice’

Adam Lambert

checked in with his Twitter followers (@adamlambert) on Tuesday night (June 21), reacting to Nakia performing his song ‘Whataya Want From Me’ on ‘The Voice’, as well as show mentor Adam Levine of being unfamiliar with the song and telling Nakia he probably performed it better than the original artist. The ‘American Idol’ alum writes:

Yeah Nakia! Sang boy!! Great performance. I think Adam might know who I am after this next album. Get ready for me Levine. Hahah

But for the record, I’m def a fan. Fans: there is NO reason to be angry. Thanks for being protective but it’s all good. :)

Among the Tweets Lambert’s fans sent to Adam Levine in reaction to the slight:

daniela0732: @adamlevine how do you NOT know who the script is?? LOL! I can see Adam Lambert’s song, but seriously, listen to the radio man!!

Kattien: @adamlevine that was rude,honey.If you don’t know a song or singer-listen first then comment) Mr. Lambert just saved you from his fans rage)

judysweeney66: @adamlevine even have the same initials!!!! c’mon..ADAM LAMBERT!!!!

patsycrest: @adamlevine what rock do you live under? Adam Lambert fool.. You owe him an apology

AdamBieb: @adamlevine YOU are an idiot!! Look up Adam Lambert’s WWFM on youtube if you are so uneducated!! Will never buy your new song!!

Update: Adam Levine told his Twitter followers (@adamlevine):

I had honestly never heard that song before. I thought that @nakia made me like a song that would have otherwise fallen flat. I’m NOT sorry.

No disrespect intended for @adamlambert …I honesty had never heard the song before. I’m not one to take cheap shots like that.

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