Adam Levine Still Upset About Flunking Guitar Class

Adam Levine and Jesse Carmichael of sat down with Fuse on Demand’s ‘On The Record’ to talk with host Toure about their career, how they’ve managed to get along after so many years together, the girl behind their original band name Kara’s Flowers, the improbable story on how they got signed, and their latest album ‘Hands All Over’.

Adam also took the opportunity to rant at an old guitar teacher that gave him a flunking grade. “Here’s why I’m mad at you,” Adam told the bleeped teacher, staring into the camera. “Because you fu**ed me. Here’s why you fu**ed me [bleeped]. I came to him before the end of the semester and was like, ‘Hey man, I’m clearly failing your class, what can I do?’ He was like, ‘You know what man, it’s cool, I’m gonna give you a C or C-, but you’ve just got to show up the rest of the classes. You’ve got 10 more classes.’ Didn’t miss one more class, did well on my final exam or whatever that was, and he gave me a fu**in’ F. That’s fu**ed up. I did those things and he still failed me.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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