Adam Lopez Sees Mariah Carey As A Threat

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According to, Brisbane musician Adam Lopez who has sung the highest vocal note on record for a male according to the Guinness Book of World Records, views as a threat.

He sings so high that he could likely sing higher than any other human, including females. “The only person I can think of that could potentially have some competition with is Mariah herself. She’s sung notes that I sing. But the highest I’ve heard her do is the last E on the piano, which I’ve also done as well.”

Lopez’s talents have taken him pretty far. He sang backing vocals for Mariah Carey. “It was back in 1998. I got a phone call asking if I was going to the Mariah concert and I had actually bought tickets but I was told I might need to sell the tickets because I’d be in the show!

“It was for the Brisbane concert that she did. She needed extra background vocalists for a particular song called ‘Make It Happen.’ It was great. I met Mariah. She’s a lovely person. It was really inspiring to do something like that.”

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7 thoughts on “Adam Lopez Sees Mariah Carey As A Threat

  1. Caroline Faughnan says:


  2. anthony lindo says:

    hmf…just a good work to think my idol because if she will think Mariah Carey nothing is impossible for him to reach high notes ahem….

  3. Mariah Fanatic says:

    Well, dear Adam Lopez should stop mocking Mariah since he can’t even reach her “dolphin” voice.Adam is not best to be compared to Mariah because she rules the music world with her 8 octaves and also her supersonic voice!!! So Adam is never the voice to be compared with Mariah! Mariah has the best voice among any human kind that exist!!!!

  4. Caroline Faughnan says:

    I want to be Mariah.



  6. Ethan Allen says:

    I would just like to point out that while Mariah can sing freakishly high and low, unlike some of the idiots above are apt to think, she can manage 5 octaves at best (which is no small feat at all), and Adam can sing 6 on the average day, probably 7 on a REALLY good day. Mariah’s tone is better perhaps, but that could be attributed to her being, you know, FEMALE. I’m sure that if Adam were a woman, he would pose a lot bigger threat than he is now. Jus’ sayin’.

  7. Christopher Hendricks says:

    He better be because he’s not doing the natural wail voice register nevertheless human voice still a pitch.

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