Adam Young Beyond Speechless At Fan Support & Kindness

Owl City

Owl City’s Adam Young checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@owlcity) on Thursday (January 14), talking about the breakout success he’s enjoyed thanks to ‘Fireflies’ and upcoming tour plans. The synthpop artist writes:

I can’t even to being to express how amazed I am at the way music transcends distance and takes every type of “formula” for success and flushes it down the loo… in the most weird and awkward-semi-romantic way possible. What I mean to say is that I’m overwhelmed with joy to be allowed such opportunities to visit places I NEVER dreamed I’d EVER have the chance to see… and to show up and hear people singing the words to songs that came from my heart and soul in a little town in chilly Minnesota?!?! I find myself changing my diapers constantly.

All that to say, I am left far beyond speechless at your support and kindness. I’ve said it all before, but please allow me to reiterate: Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone so I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You encourage me in more ways than I know how to describe. I treasure you all.

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One thought on “Adam Young Beyond Speechless At Fan Support & Kindness

  1. Marvin Menard says:

    Adam Young Rockz Love all his songs FireFlies, Vanilla Twilight, hot air balloon I wish I could meet you (no homo) :P

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